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Affiliate Marketing Failure Strategies

In this article I will give you some strategies that I see people using to fail in affiliate marketing. Of course they are not doing this on purpose!

The failure rate in affiliate marketing is extremely high, but it is not as high as it used to be. In fact it could be that as high as two out of 10 people are now succeeding. It used to be that 95% of everyone who try to make money as an affiliate marketer fail.

People define success at different levels which helps explain why more people are succeeding at it. Some people are happy to earn $100 a month.

That makes them a success because they know exactly what their goal is. Others want to earn a full-time income as an affiliate marketer and a high number of those who set out to achieve that goal are really doing it.

So what are the failure strategies of the eight out of 10 who do not succeed?

1. They do not set up a separate website. Using the replicated website is not a good strategy for success unless you drive massive amounts of traffic to it. Most affiliate marketers never reach that level.

2. They do not capture names and email addresses for future follow up. This is known as building an email marketing list and is the cornerstone of success for many top affiliate marketers. If you want to ensure your failure do not build a list.

3. They do not own the product they try to promote. This may become less important as you promote more affiliate products.

However when you initially start out owning the product you gives you an advantage over your competitors. You can create a review page and really know what you’re talking about which will help you sell more.

4. They jump around from one product to the next never making money on any. Because it’s free to join an affiliate program it’s tempting to think that the program is what is keeping you from succeeding.

In reality if you would focus on making money with one product before taking on another you avoid failure.

5. They never generate meaningful traffic. If you do not get enough visitors to your website you will never make any sales. Thankfully two out of 10 affiliate marketers now get more traffic than they used to.

This is a handful of affiliate marketing failure strategies that will guarantee your failure. If you would like to succeed try doing these five things as opposed to not doing them!


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