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How To Write More Articles Everyday

Many Internet marketers agree that writing articles is a fantastic way to promote your business. However many people think too small when it comes to the number of articles they need to get an online presence. In this article let’s talk about how to skyrocket your article writing efforts and become more effective at doing it.

1. One of the best ways to increase the number of articles you write is to write about what you know. The less amount of time you spend on research the more articles you can crank out. If you are writing in a niche that you are not as well versed in as you could be, then you must take time to educate yourself in it.

2. Shorten your articles and take the savings that you have on words to increase the number of articles you write. Many article directories only require 250 words on the articles they accept.

Other article directories want articles of 400 words or more. One concept would be to write as many 250 word articles as you possibly can and only submit them to directories where this is the requirement. This 150 word savings per article can really add up and help you write more articles over a period of time.

3. Get enthusiastic about the articles you are writing. This is where it is beneficial for you to be writing articles in a niche where you have a passion or interest. You will be more motivated to sit down and it will come across in the type of articles you write.

4. When you write focus 100% of your attention on getting the articles done. This may mean going somewhere where you do not have a lot of distractions. For example writing articles with your laptop while watching TV every night is not an effective use of your time and it will affect the number of articles you produce.

5. Once you get in a writing comfort zone crank articles out as fast as you can. Start thinking in terms of 10 or 20 articles a day and your Internet business will take off.

It is not impossible to write five to 10 articles an hour once you get in that writing zone. If typing is a problem for you consider purchasing a voice recognition software program and dictate your articles online that way.  This is a tremendous timesaver and your articles will sound better because all you are doing is talking as opposed to writing.

6. Some Internet marketers do not like to write and it shows in the type of articles they produce. If you are the type of person that cannot get your self to sit down and write then you should look at hiring an article writer. This frees up your time to do other things in your Internet business you enjoy and your business will thank you for it.


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