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Steps To Writing A SEO Friendly Blog Article

Most people who have a blog are comfortable adding content to it. This can be content that is purchased or content that is written by the blog owner. However, most writers do not write blog articles that are search engines friendly.

Let’s take a look at the steps necessary to write a friendly SEO blog article!

1. The very first thing you need is a keyword list of longtail keyword phrases that you will be writing your blog articles from. If you do not have a list start by using the free keyword research tool provided by Google. Begin developing a list of phrases that are three words or longer to write your blog articles about.

2. Your title should contain your keyword phrase in it. Preferably include this as close to the front of the title as possible. In some instances you may want to title the blog article with nothing more than the keyword phrase you are writing about.

3. In the opening paragraph your keyword phrase should be included as close to the beginning of the article as possible. You can also bold this keyword phrase to add additional emphasis to it as a benefit to the search engines. This helps them know what your blog article is about

4. In the body of the article you do not want to include your keyword phrase again. A better idea is to use variations of it as they sound natural in the text you are writing. You can also include words that make sense in the context of the article.

For example, if your article was about dogs it makes sense that you would have something in there about cats. Search engines do not want to see your keyword phrase over and over, but rather they would like to see an article that adds relevant content and sounds natural.

5. In the closing paragraph again you should include the keyword phrase that you have in the title and introductory paragraph. Go ahead and bold it again for additional emphasis as some search engines spider from the bottom of the page up.

Blog articles only need to be 250 words or so as long as they provide useful content. You are better off to take longer articles and break them into separate blog articles to maximize the use of your time.

One final point we want to make is you should go ahead and bookmark your post using a submission website such as OnlyWire.com. If you have not joined the social directories that are part of the submission website you are using you will need to do that first.

Hopefully this article will help you understand the steps to writing an SEO friendly blog article!


30 Minute Blogging System

Internet marketers that blog on a consistent basis are cleaning up when it comes to traffic compared to their competitors. One reason this is true is they are committed to keeping their blog current with fresh content.  This can be time consuming so let’s take a look at a quick 30 minute blogging system that will take away any excuses you have pertaining to time.

1. Set a goal of adding a new article to your blog three times a week. You can certainly increase this, but if you will at least do it this many times you will be ahead of many Internet marketers.

Many bloggers start out all gung ho and then lose interest because it does take some effort to keep your blog up to date. However this is an extremely important thing to do and can pay off for you in the future as your blog grow in content.

2. Purchase private label write articles and rewrite them. Your blog articles only need to be about 250 words so rewriting them in your own words is not hard to do. However it is important that you make them unique so the search engines or reward you for adding fresh content.

You can also hire a blog writer and pay about five dollars an article. Purchase 15 blog articles at a time and then just go and paste them into your blog every three days. By purchasing in bulk you can find deals where the cost per blog article will go down as well.

3. Join Onlywire.com and the social directories in it. Once you have done this you can quickly bookmark your blog posts with one click. This is a very important time saving feature and also is important for getting backlinks and traffic to your blog.

4. Add graphics and You Tube videos to liven your blog up. Many affiliate programs have graphics you can use, or you can get images from Google and save them. Then upload them right into your blog post. You can also go to You Tube and find videos. Then copy the embed code and place it right on your blog post.

As you can see it does not have to take a lot of time to do a quality blog post. You don’t even have to do them every day. If you are willing to spend 30 minutes or so three times a week it can really pay off for you in terms of new traffic and repeat traffic to your Internet business.


Master Your Niche With Keywords

Many people use a variety of techniques in their online business, but there is a single thing that brings all of these methods together. Every single method used by an online business today successfully is thriving basically because somewhere in that method there are keywords that make the tactic work. Keywords establish just about everything you can think of on the internet and that is exactly why keywords are top dog in the world of internet marketing and online home businesses. I highly recommend you take a look at Keyword Elite for doing keyword research.


Search engines is mainly where keywords come into play. We have all searched countless times in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Some people might search an encyclopedia online or some other similar product, but a majority of people will utilize search engines to try to find something resulting in massive amount of searches daily.

Your website has keywords used throughout it that will be searched in the engines. If done correctly your keyword placement can help to bring free organic search engine traffic to your site.

Plan of Attack

Go after your keywords with a plan. Sit down and brainstorm all the keywords in your niche. For example, a website on home business would greatly benefit from keywords like “home based business”, “internet business” and “work from home”. You should be able to produce a simple list by doing this method. Now use your list and a keyword tool like Keyword Elite and you will be able to create much larger lists and discover what people are searching for. Coming up with synonyms is also helpful. You should have at least 100 keywords for your website before you go after your home business niche. Doing these steps will increase the likelihood that you probably have a great deal more in the end.

Optimizing for the search engines

Get your plan together by placing keywords on your website where the search engines are most attracted to. This method is called search engine optimization. One way is to include important keywords in webpage title,blog posts, or an article you have on your site. You also want to make sure that keywords are spread throughout the pages in appropriate percentages. You won’t be an expert overnight but with diligent effort on your part you will learn the basics in a short time.

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