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The Biggest Digital Marketing Trends of 2017 You Should Know About

The Biggest Digital Marketing Trends of 2017 You Should Know AboutHere it is now – we are ready to wrap up 2016 and look forward to the coming year. It is a time to count our wins and losses, to celebrate all small victories and to plan for new endeavors and new efforts to take our businesses to the next level in 2017.

There are so many things to talk about at the end of a year, but as always it is better to look forward into the future than to look back into the past. Therefore, we want to make this article about what you should start preparing for in order to maintain your businesses successful, and even grow them into bigger and more outreaching companies.

Given the importance of marketing for all companies, large or small, we believe that it is worthwhile taking a peek at what 2017 will mean for your online campaigns. As you know, there is nothing faster changing than the digital world, and marketing follows the general trend. Some strategies work for a season or for a year. Others are just a passing fad and go away just as quickly as they became popular.

So, what will be the biggest and most impactful digital marketing trends in 2017?

1. Live Video Takes over the Social Media
The past years have seen the rise of video over text and static images as the most popular format for sharing content and creating ads. And video will continue to rule, promoted by the wide availability of smartphones with HD video cameras and fast mobile internet. But the new king of content and marketing is set to be live video.

The first live video sessions, reserved initially for celebrities and other public personalities with verified accounts, made a huge impact. As soon as everyone could go live on Periscope and Facebook, it was apparent that you do not have to be a star to attract followers and engage people in a strong and meaningful way. Therefore, live video will be even more effective than pre-recorded videos in promoting your business.

So, if you are camera shy, take steps to correct that because you need to ace it at live video if you want to get the most out of social media marketing in 2017.

2. Augmented Reality Will Start Playing a Key Role in Marketing
Augmented reality has been around for a while, but it seemed a niche technique reserved for hair stylists, home improvement, plastic surgery and makeup artists’ businesses. Then came the rave of Pokémon Go, which brought augmented reality in front of every person with a smartphone. The game may have lost its initial popularity, but marketers and product managers are already brainstorming to see how they can take advantage of this technology for more targeted and visually appealing promotion of their products.

We will soon see the rise of apps and software allowing even small businesses to use augmented reality for an affordable price, so start getting familiarized with this technology.

3. Search Algorithms Will Keep Changing
Is your SEO on point? Good. Here’s the bad news: it may soon become obsolete. With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest growing as alternative search engines and keyword promoters, Google and Bing (yes, Microsoft’s own search engine is still around and wants to be taken seriously for once) will change the way pages are ranked and search results displayed.

You may want to extend your SEO beyond your website to your social media accounts just to be one step ahead of the game.

4. Native Ads Are the New Winners of the Game
Let us face it: the number of browsers with ad blockers installed on them or which have ad blocking technology incorporated into them (just like pop-up blockers became a default feature years ago) is on the rise. Banner, video and link ads are becoming obsolete and their conversion rate is decreasing as we are speaking. The new way of serving ads to internet users is through native content, which incorporates promotion in a persuasive and non-intrusive manner.

Great ads which create a viable sale funnel are those which tell a story, create emotions and offer arguments in a natural, conversational manner. Soft selling skills will become more important than ever when planning your marketing campaigns.

5. Mobile Will Dominate the Internet World
If 2016 was the year when mobile internet traffic exceeded desktop traffic, this trend will continue even stronger that we’ve witnessed so far. In a worldwide market of affordable smartphones and data plans, even people from remote areas will be able to be connected to the rest of the planet through a simple handheld device capable of so many tasks.

Besides the rise of mobile internet usage, a side trend to keep your eyes on is the rise of wearable smart technology. Keeping in mind the small screens of these devices, it is worthwhile starting to polish your writing skills to come up with short and effective calls to action which can be properly displayed on these devices.


How to Use Facebook Advertising to Validate Your Business Idea

how-to-use-facebook-advertising-to-validate-your-business-ideaAre you on the brink of launching your home-based business, but you’re just not sure whether there is a market for your products or services? This is a genuine concern for any entrepreneur: even a home business requires some investments (legal fees and taxes, equipment, etc.) If you can’t find customers to market your products to, you’ll have lost valuable time and money.

In the past, we have discussed various ways in which you can validate your business idea, but today we will focus on one single aspect: using Facebook ads to see how many people are likely to at least connect with your business, and examining your offering, more closely.

The Advantages of Using Facebook to Validate Your Business Idea

Why Facebook? Without making false claims, Facebook is among the largest worldwide public forums where you can meet potential customers, if any. What sets it apart from any other online platforms to advertise your business is the fact that you can gain valuable insights into the demographics and behavioral characteristics of your target customers.

People willingly share lots of personal data with Facebook lots of personal data. This isn’t just how old they are, where they live, or what educational background and job they have, but also their marital status, whether they have children, have recently bought a house or a car, and so on. Apart from this demographic data, they share their hobbies and interests and their states of mind at various moments. All of this is invaluable to you, the online business operator.

How Do You Do It?

First of all, you should have at least a landing page in which you include an opt-in form for people who are interested in knowing more about your upcoming business. This is a small investment, certainly, but it it provides a less expensive option for testing out idea than to launch the business cold and see that no one buys your products.

This prerequisite being met, you should go to Facebook for Business and start creating your ads.

1. How to Create a Facebook Ad
The process itself is self-explanatory. For this reason alone, Facebook is a great option for small business owners: you don’t need any special technical or design skills to create a great ad. Just remember to stick to the rule of 20% words on the ad surface, and use either a short movie made with your phone, or a still image (you can use various free apps to edit it and apply filters to it).

2. How to Set Your Budget
If you are simply testing out your business idea, the best type of bidding is for the cost per click (CPC). Set a lifetime budget for your campaign of no more than $100 – $200. This is a simple way of making sure you do not spend too much on the campaign. Setting a lifetime budget means that the money is used up as people click on your ad, and the campaign stops running when there is no money left in the budget. Why do we recommend the CPC bidding format? Because you want to find out how many people are at least interested in what you have to offer. More on this in the next item.

3. What Metrics to Focus On

Facebook insights are among the most varied and in-depth metrics on offer from any social media platform offering advertising options. Once you set your advertising campaign, you can go to the Adverts Manager page (by clicking on the arrow in the top-right corner of your Facebook profile) and discover a detailed breakdown of your ad campaign performance, including: click-through rate (CTR), average cost per click, reach, impressions, cost per people reached, etc.

At this phase of testing out your business idea, the most important metrics to measure are impressions versus click-through rate. This will show you how many of the people who saw the ad were at least curious enough to find out more, and clicked it.

4. How to Corroborate with Insights on Your Landing Page

Of course, Facebook insights need to be tied with the traffic and CTA metrics on your landing page. Did people like what they saw once they reached it? What percentage of them agreed to share their email with you and receive more news about your upcoming products? By analyzing and corrolating Facebook CTR data and the CTA rate on your page, you can estimate whether you have a viable business idea or not.

5. Get the Most of Facebook Ad Insights

If your business idea looks like it could take off, it is time to go back to the Adverts Manager page on Facebook and download insights related to the people who clicked on your ad. From these details, you can build a profile of your potential customers, in terms of demographic and behavioral details. This profile will be extremely useful to you in creating marketing messages and targeting future Facebook ads at the right type of audience.


10 Great Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website or Blog

You can get a backlink when you get your website URL on another website linking back to yours. Backlinks are highly sought after and the more you have brings increased traffic to your website.

We will look at 10 ways you can get backlinks which will help increase traffic to your website.

1. Write articles and submit them to article directories.When you write articles and submit them to article directories there is always a place for authors resource box where you can put a link back to your website. Get started today writing articles and submitting.

2. Get started writing blog articles and submit them to social directories. This is called bookmarking a blog post and is a great way to get a backlink pointing back to your blog. Social directories love these and so do search engines. Here is a great tool to use called Onlywire

3. You can start posting comments in other people’s blogs. You should post in blogs that allow you to include link back to your site.

4. Start participating in online forums related to your niche.When you sign up for forums, they usually allow you to create a signature which can have a link to your site and is included every time you post. Post regularly and before you know it you will have hundreds of backlinks.

5. You can also do reciprocal linking with other websites. You can make the process go faster by find a professional company that will automatically find link partners for you.

6. You can also buy ads in ezines that are archived on the Internet. When your ad is published these archived issues will give you backlinks. Purchase several ads at a time with ezine advertising companies like HBAds and save money by being in multiple ezines with one purchase.

7. Every time you have something new to offer, you should submit a press release. These press releases will contain a link back to your website that can bring traffic both immediately and in the future.

8. Check on other peoples blogs and see if they have text link ads you can purchase. Your link could end up on thousands of pages giving you massive exposure.

9. When products launch, many time they will ask for testimonials. You should always submit yours if they ask you. People will read the sales page over and over sending traffic to your site.

10. Submit to blog directories. You can get backlinks once they approve you. The great thing is usually its free to submit.

These are 10 Great ways to get backlinks to your website or blog. Just keep adding backlinks everyday and you will start seeing the traffic pour in. Good Luck!!

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