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How Many Times Should You Email Your List This Week

As you begin to build your mailing list you may wonder how many times you should send emails out to it. This is a common question and there really is no set answer to it.

Initially you should base your emails on building relationships and providing useful information. If people have a problem with these types of emails you really don’t want them on your list anyway.

Your goal is to get to know your subscribers as people and not just a name and email address. You are beginning to brand yourself as a credible Internet marketer that they can trust.

The only way you can do that is to consistently provide helpful information. Useful information is something that offers a tip, contains a free report or e-book, and so on. It should make their life easier in some way.

Useful information is not something you sell right away. This is a common mistake that many Internet marketers make when building their email marketing list.

You can not spend the majority of your time selling to your list if you expect them to stay subscribed to it.

That is a common fear that many new Internet marketers have. They are afraid that if they over email their list they will lose the subscribers they have.

If you will concentrate on building a quality list, and providing useful information to it, then when it is time to offer something for sale a certain percentage of people will buy from you. Again if they unsubscribe you probably didn’t want them on your list anyway.


Nothing Else Compares To Email Marketing When Done Right

In this article I am going to attempt to convince you to pick up your email marketing efforts. If you have been doing Internet marketing for any period of time and are not making money with your own list shame on you!

Email marketing is very simple to do especially when you compare it to the old days of licking stamps and mailing out letters to prospects. Direct mail marketing continues to be effective but is nowhere near as effective as email marketing when done correctly.

The ultimate goal of your email marketing campaign is to sell something to your list. There is a skill to doing this and many Internet marketers miss this point.

The two main problems I see with poorly designed email campaigns are there is no relationship building being done, and lists are allowed to go dormant without keeping in consistent contact with it.

Because autoresponders can be preprogrammed for many years to come there is no excuse for not mailing to your list on a consistent basis. And building relationships is easy to do this way as well because you can offer useful free information initially without asking your subscribers to buy anything from you.

Possibly an even bigger problem is many Internet marketers are not building a large enough list. To a certain extend email marketing is playing the numbers and hitting people at the right time.

If you know anything about top of mind awareness advertising you can see the benefit of email marketing as compared to other forms of print advertising.

So how do you build a larger list?

1. Build your own opt in list one subscriber at a time. Although this takes longer it’s an excellent way to build a quality list with longevity to it.

To increase the size of your list this way you should have opt in forms on every web page you build, every blog post you make, and you should promote landing pages in various ways.

2. Purchase co-registration leads and let a lead company build your list faster for you. Many of the largest lists online today were built for the Internet marketer by a co-registration lead company.

Once you get the subscriber’s name work hard to build relationships and make sure they know who you are to maximize your future earning potential. This is the two best ways to build your subscriber list.

There are other effective methods using viral marketing and other more sophisticated ways you can work into after you establish a good list and email marketing techniques!


Are You Tired Of Hearing You Must Build A List?

If you spend any amount of time on the Internet eventually someone will tell you you must build mailing list. As a matter of fact one of the most common tips Internet marketers give each other is the importance of building an email marketing list of their own.

Have you ever wondered how many people actually make money with their own email marketing list? Perhaps you are trying to build a list and are not getting anywhere with it yourself! Let’s talk about three important points when it comes to building a list and making money with it.

1. First of all getting subscribers into your mailing list is not as easy as it sounds. Most people never build a meaningful mailing list because they do not get enough traffic to a landing page or to their website where their opt in form is located.

So, if you truly want to make money with a mailing list you must spend the majority of your time driving traffic to a page where people can subscribe to it. The bottom line is if you do not get enough traffic you are not going to ever get enough subscribers.

2. One shortcut to this is to purchase co registration leads from a lead list Company. This is a hands-off way for building it and can pay off if you handle these leads correctly. As a matter of fact many of the largest Internet marketing gurus have all purchased co-registration leads at one time or another.

The most important thing you can do is spend the initial phases of dealing with these leads getting to know them as people. You do this by offering useful information and by not doing any selling at this point.

Your whole goal is to get to know these subscribers as people and not just a name or email address. Doing this helps you brand yourself as someone they can trust and as a credible source for information.

The nice thing about purchasing co-registration leads is your list will continue to grow as long as you are buying the leads. You don’t need to worry at all about growing your list, but rather just beginning to develop it into a quality list of people who know who you are.

3. Don’t let your list become stagnant. There really is no excuse for this today because autoresponders will let you program your messages many years in advance. At the very least you should be following up consistently this way.

There certainly is money to be made if you have a quality mailing list. How you go about doing that, and then how you work with your list, is the key to whether you will ever make money with it.

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