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5 Top Reasons to Start a Drop Shipping Business from Home

business from home dropshippingThere are many opportunities of working from home and drop shipping is one of the easiest ones to manage. Possibly, you do not know what it means, so you are not so keen to take a dive into the unknown. Let me explain in a few words. Imagine that you are walking through a large marketplace with complicated winding aisles. You find someone having apples for sale, but having no customers. A few winding aisles away, someone is desperately looking for apples, but cannot find anyone selling them. You go back to the seller, tell him where he can find customers for his apples and get a finder’s fee for your effort. This, in a nutshell, is drop shipping.

And now let me explain a few strong reasons that make drop shipping the ideal business from home.

Very Low Startup Costs
Drop shipping removes the biggest obstacle to any retail and distribution business: stocking up. You will not have any money tied up in inventory. All you do is find demands for a product and match them with a manufacturer. The actual purchase and transfer of property to the end client occurs seamlessly, without any moment when you have merchandize in custody, without the certainty of a sale. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a network with both suppliers and end consumers.

No Major Overheads and Operational Costs
You don’t have to worry about finding and leasing a warehouse, hiring people and managing a complex organization. You need your natural acumen for good business, a little knowledge of negotiation and people skills. You will have to learn how to identify the online forums where suppliers and consumers can be approached and how to create your business network without being too pushy. But the logistic part of the business is not on your agenda at any moment.

Maximum Flexibility in Running Your Business from Anywhere
Can you imagine making a couple of thousand dollars while chilling by the pool with a margarita cocktail and your computer by your side? Or closing a big shipment deal while feeding the pigeons in the park? This is how drop shipping works: 100% online, from any place on this world where you have access to a computer and internet. With mobile internet at 4G speeds, I can definitely see you processing a furniture order between taking two scenic photographs of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx!

You Are Not Stuck to a Product Niche
If you open a brick-and-mortar store, the space limitations determine the range of products you offer for sale. In the online world you can sell computers today, children’s educational games tomorrow, and raw food produce next week. This gives you a huge flexibility in latching onto a current booming trade trend and maximizing your profits, by supplying a stringent demand in a certain area of the world.

Easy to Scale Your Business
Depending on how much time and effort you are willing to invest in drop shipping, it can be a side activity, supplementing your monthly income, or a full time commitment and main source of income. You can scale up your business only by developing more relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, which is not possible for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses as they have inventory and have to manually fulfill each order.

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