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20 Free Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

1. Create a free account at mybloglog.com . You will need to add your blog and start making friends, commenting and joining the communities.

2. You should submit your blog to RSS/Feed directories.

3. Write a great review post of highly rated bloggers in your niche. Contact them and let them know and many times they will link back to you.

4. Make it easy for your readers to sign up for your RSS feed and use this great free service feedburner.google.com

5. Go to Socialposter.com and fill in the  url to your blog post then title, text then your tags. You will now be able to submit to all these social sites and create links to your blog post. There is an R to the right of the social site that will let you register with it if you have not done so yet.

6. Locate blogs in your related niche and leave comments. Don’t just leave spammy comments. Take the time and read the blog post and leave a valuable comment. Check out this free software to help you commentkahuna.com

7. Create a Squidoo.com lens and make sure you link to your blog within it.

8. Create an account at Stumbleupon.com and start reviewing,commenting and making friends in your niche. Your friends and you can then stumble your blog posts.

9. Find forums in your niche and start reading and posting. Make sure to add your blog url to your forum signature.

10. Go to technorati.com and signup and make sure to add your blog.

11. Signup and learn to use digg.com Now start adding friends in your niche and start digging what they submit and they will in turn digg your blog posts that you submit.

12. Write an article and submit to as many article directories as you can.

13. Submit your blog to as many blog directories that you can find.

14. Make sure to use http://pingomatic.com/ to update search engines that your blog was updated

15. Start using trackbacks. Here is some great info about it: http://www.fridaytrafficreport.com/how-to-do-a-trackback-to-get-more-links-and-traffic/

16. Get involved in blog carnivals. Here is a great site with more info:   http://blogcarnival.com/bc/faq.html

17. Create Top 10 posts

18. Create an account at  mashable.com and put links to your blog in your profile, make friends and get involved.

19. Get a blog review done at http://www.bloggeries.com(not available currently)

20. Post youtube.com videos and integrate them into your posts

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